Preparing for Cooling Season

Preparing for Cooling Season


It's not too early to start planning for switching your system from heating to cooling.

Below are some of the checklist items that we developed. With the help of our trusted service partners, we can dispatch and manage your seasonal switchover

  • Inspect Pipe Insulation - If your HVAC equipment has damaged insulation, your system could be losing energy and working too hard to cool. If you can visibly see damaged insulation, it’s time to repair and replace.
  • Duct Cleaning - Your system will accumulate a buildup of dirt and dust which is normal. If you notice dust in your air after replacing air filters and cleaning vents, it may be time for a duct cleaning
  • Clean Condensing Coils - Cleaning behind grills and fan blades is very important for the system to run efficiently. These areas will accumulate large amounts of dirt and debris over the winter months.
  • Grease Bearings and Tighten Belts - As the equipment ages, it is necessary to help prolong the life of said equipment by re-grease and check bearings, as well as ensuring belts are in good working order
  • Cleaning the Inside of the Tower - Start off on the right by having a clean cooling tower basin and ensuring your water treatment is up to par
  • Systematic preventative maintenance - Ask us about our maintenance plans which include:
    • Inspections four times per year
    • Comprehensive Annual Inspection (1x) and Mid-Season Operational Inspections (3x).
    • All inspections will be completed as per our precise specifications for each machine
    • Replace unit belts, once per year as needed.
    • Replace unit filters, four times per year.
    • Check and log performance of all components four times.
    • Lubricate moving parts four times.
    • Adjust and functionally clean system components, motors, starters, drives, and accessories.
    • Furnish a completed copy of the Service Technician Report indicating maintenance that was performed
    • Provide feedback and recommendations for any additional issues discovered during the inspection Provide 24-hour preferential emergency service as needed between inspections.

We dispatch from a wide list of trusted service partners. All their notes and recommendations come to us first so we can insure all work is completed correctly and completely. You’ll receive clear, consistent work orders and invoices directly from MXA which removes any headache or confusion.